Moonlight Slumber Pillow Review
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Moonlight Slumber Pillow Review

Moonlight Slumber Pillow is the perfect pillow that puts the health of the baby and the mother, first. It is made of premium quality and has been independently tested for fire and flammability. It doesn’t contain any chemical fire barrier or chlorinated TRIS. The pillow is available in four colors; white, blue, gray, and natural color.

The shape of the pillow is a comfortable U shape, which gives the whole body the support that it needs. Whether it is the neck, the shoulders or the hips, Moonlight Slumber Body Pillow helps in relieving pain. Moreover, it helps in regulating the temperature and enhancing the circulation of the body for a restful sleep. The pillowcase is made of organic natural cotton and doesn’t have any odor.

It has the hypoallergenic feature, which means a woman will be able to prevent allergies if she uses this pillow. Moonlight Slumber Pillow provides relief from dust mites, and a woman doesn’t have to worry about other hygienic factors when using this pillow. The stuffing of the pillow is fusion fiberfill, which is extended polymer material and allows the air to flow freely through the material.

It means that, when a woman wakes up after a good night’s sleep, the head side of the pillow won’t be warm. She won’t sweat, no matter how long she sleeps. Moreover, this fusion fiberfill helps keep the shape of the pillow, intact. It doesn’t matter how many times it is used, the shape will remain the same.

If someone wants to clean their pillow cover, then they can do so easily. The cover is easy to take off and can be washed in a washing machine. No matter the number of times it is washed, the material of the pillow won’t clump. Moonlight Slumber Pillow will always remain clean, and this is an important hygiene factor.

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Moonlight Slumber Pillow

Moonlight Slumber Pillow Pregnancy Review

For a pregnant woman, health is a very important factor, that is why she has to get a check-up several times during pregnancy. Whether it is the 1st trimester or the 3rd trimester, it is very important for a woman to stay comfortable and healthy. While most people put emphasis on what a woman should eat and not, they forget the basic problems that women face; sleep and body aches problems.

A pregnancy pillow helps in not only making sleep and nap time comfortable for a woman but also helps her in dealing with different body pains. For example, the neck faces the stress a woman feels during pregnancy. When a woman buys a full pillow for her body, then not only her neck but the belly and back also rest well.

Pregnancy pillow might feel like an added expense to many women, but it is an important thing to buy. It has several benefits as already This u shaped pregnancy pillow similar to the pharmedoc pregnancy pillow can be used for reading books and watching television as well. It gives a woman the perfect place to elevate her legs, while she is sleeping or sitting.

The support between the knees makes snuggling comfortable and helpful in sleeping. This is an affordable pillow and is worth the price. During pregnancy, a woman is unable to sleep on the side comfortably, and that is mainly because of the growing belly. Even if she tries, she is not able to adjust to sleeping on her side, which is recommended by doctors.

If she buys a body pillow, then the cushiony and soft pillow will provide her with more comfort. Pregnant mothers get to sleep and comfort, which is important in pregnancy; a mother should not be sleepless or stay tired all the time. The reason why a pregnancy pillow provides comfort during sleep is because of its shape.

Any U shaped pregnancy pillow or body pillows such as queen rose pregnancy pillow, or bluestone full-body pregnancy pillow reduces the stress a person’s back feels.

This enhances comfort and gives sufficient sleep to a pregnant woman. This u shaped pregnancy pillow can be used for reading books and watching television as well. It gives a woman the perfect place to elevate her legs, while she is sleeping or sitting.

The support between the knees makes snuggling comfortable and helpful in sleeping. This is an affordable pillow, as the price is only $100 from Amazon. (As of April 2020)

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It also helps if the back of the neck hurts, and a woman can’t live with such pains, all day and all night. A woman should always try to provide more support to her back and side, by using a pregnancy pillow.

If she feels that her bed doesn’t have the ability to provide support to major body parts, then getting a pregnancy pillow, which she can use after pregnancy as well, is not a bad idea.

It is very unhealthy and dangerous if a woman’s circulation of blood is poor. When a woman doesn’t sleep on her side, then the circulation of blood becomes poor, and it impacts the health of the fetus as well.

A good pregnancy pillow encourages the flow of blood to the fetus and makes it easier for a to-be mother to pass her days of pregnancy. Moonlight slumber pillow is one such comfortable product.

Moonlight Slumber Comfort U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Review

  • Keep in shape for the whole time.
  • Relief from dust mites.
  • Comfortable U shape providing support to the whole body.
  • Fire and flammability tested.
  • This pillow might not be appropriate for tall women.
  • Customers feel that the product is expensive and not affordable.

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Customer Thoughts

This pillow is not just for pregnant women, but for anyone who is facing sleep problems. The material used in the pillow doesn’t let it clamp but keeps it scrunched up. It is perfect for those who have neck or back pains.

For those who tried it, they became used to it, because it is very comfortable and gives a woman proper sleep. The pillowcase can be removed easily, as the zipper opens from the outside.

Privative Thoughts

However, some customers didn’t like the product, because it didn’t last long for them. Some customers got a defected product, as their filling was torn and the zipper was broken. Further, some people thought this pillow is small for them, and they can’t place it on their bed. However, the reason why it is so small is that it won’t serve its intended purpose otherwise.

Final Verdict

This is a really good purchase for those, who want to sleep comfortably during the night. It can really help women get relief from body aches and neck pain. In fact, this product has been tried by men as well, who are unable to sleep during the night due to back pain.

This pillow is very soft and comfortable and should be a must for pregnant women, and for those who are recovering from surgeries. So if you are expecting and looking for a body pillow that needs less space in the bed and helps you to get a healthy sleep then this u shaped moonlight slumber pillow is best for you.

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